PHP Web Development is a professional PHP web development company and full service solutions provider in the world of PHP. We built reasonable PHP website the word reasonable means cost effective and efficient. Our credo is to allow small and medium businesses to build there own web portal.
We are providing you with PHP web Development from bit to scratch. We have discussed every aspect of PHP as a client that you need to know.
PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessed, it’s a computer based language used for developing dynamic and robust websites. It was created by Rasmus Lerdof in 1995. The PHP codes are mixed with
HTML codes to bring about robustness in the web application when the run on web servers. PHP is architecturally neutral as it can run on any machine whether it’s Linux, Unix, Macintosh or Windows based. This is highly powerful language whose main motive is to allow different developers all around the world to share there codes i.e. reusability of codes. It’s most widely language in today’s world of web; there are many reasons to support this statement. Firstly it’s developed by open source community all around the world that means you don’t have to pay any one for its use it’s totally free. Secondly you can install it on your machine by downloading XMAM, WAMP, LAMP or MAMP according to your system.

As a user you are allowed to add your bit of contribution in PEAR library, it’s a standardized library unlike to PHP Builder (SCSL) and Zend based code library. There are basically three classes namely Pear Package, Pear Core Component and PECL Package. These packages are basically used in developing various PHP based applications. PEAR help in network authentication, while application runs on client server based model. While PEAR core components and PECL Packages are used for forming packages. PEAR Packages basically help developers to perform functions related to enhancing file system features, networking and authentication. It also includes tools for working with HTML and XML templates.

If you really serious about using PEAR platform for your PHP based application, then you don’t have to worry regarding the installation as it comes with PHP package that is installed on your system. After installation you simply need to know how to create an application with it. You can use a manual if you are really interested to know or learn about it.

Some of the most prominent area of work in PHP for creating dynamic applications is:-

  • PHP programming
  • PHP application development.
  • PHP e-commerce solution
  • PHP Zend development
  • Custom PHP application development
  • CakePHP development
  • PHP web application development is a company that helps you to achieve your dreams of building website that is dynamic fast and robust. We provide you cost effective and cutting edge technology. We are here to help you with our best abilities.