Open Source Customization
The term open source emerged on the seen in mid 1980’s and was much talked about in 1990’s and it’s on its peak as mostly every company today supports open source, is one of the pioneer company to go with open source. It is described as to participate, develop, produce and promote final end product that has been developed by many people. The Term open source actually gives you the freedom to edit the source code of the software and re modify and redistribute it, but under the same license and terms called GPL (General Public License). It was promoted and started by free software movement foundation. Later number of people joined this movement and it was renamed to Open Source.
We provide you with an overview what the word open source is all about as its buzzing all around the world.

There are some of the high software’s produced by open source and they are implemented to nearly all fields. E Businesses is one of the specific fields that have been using software’s produced by open source from several years now. Open source provides you cutting edge technologies both that are booth time and cost effective. But it’s a mix pack as it doesn’t provides any firms guarantee of quality so for this reason you can customize it according to your need that is what open source is all about sharing and re distributing.

Some of the best products that are offered by open source are:-

Joomla CMS
Drupal CMS
ZEN Cart
X- Cart

Key Benefits of using open source software’s are :-

  • Cost and Development time both reduces by 30 to 40 %.
  • Software comes with the agreement that provides the right to modify and redistribute it.
  • Flexibility to modify.
  • Great level of portability
  • Availability of quick fixes and feature enhancements
  • Availability of large pool of source codes from the Internet

It’s the buzzing word in today’s world that allows you to use codes over and over again helps you to create state of art web applications using open source tools. The best part today is that every second web application is developed on open source platform today. We help you to make it big with open source now.