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Blog is a place on web similar to a website it can be a separate site or can be an integral part of website. Blogs are usually maintained and updated on regular basis posts; blogs created to expressive and are counter interactive in mode of communication. By the term counter interactive we mean that people are able to read your blog post and they can post there view on it (What they like and what they don’t like). Well this option is in the hands of blog owner whether they want comments on there posts or not. A Blog can be operated by a single person or by a group. Seosolutions.us is a company that helps you in creating blogs and maintaining it on regular basis.

Blogs can be personal or owned by a company for promotional basis
of there products. We expert in both types of blog handling, there are number topics on which you can create a blog. A good blog is a combo pack which includes a balanced use of text, image or audio video. Blogs created for business purpose are used to market the product well both pre and post launching. It helps people act as a navigational path that will lead people to your website. Well for those who are passionate about writing and sharing the can use number of free blogging platforms to do so. It’s the best way to tell the world what you are up to. The Blogs are create of increase the traffic on web site for the business purpose and We have helped many customers in creating there blogs and maintaining them.

The term podcasting term has been taken from webcast which means to express your shelf through audio video format. We are a company the expertise in the state of art in podcasting services. They are basically videos which are not released on daily basis like blog post but they are release after a definite time span. The releases may be on a weekly or a monthly basis. They are syndicated on the web and people who like it can subscribe to its feeds. The term got hype with the raising popularity of I phones so from webcast it became podcast. You can have a direct access to media files and they can be downloaded or viewed (streaming) over the web.

Well Podcasting can be used over a blog i.e. it can be hosted on the blog. Which can make work blog look more attractive or the things can also go like this that podcasting can be utilized to market a blog or a website. Its personal choice which one you prefer. We are can help you with both podcasting and blog creation and marketing it.